The art of making champagne has a vast history, that goes back to the middle ages. Until the 17th century, vintners from the Champagne only made non-sparkling wines. The catholic church owned many vineyards and used the wine mainly for sacramental events like masses of coronation ceremonies.

But in the 17th century new ways of fermentatin led to the now famous sparkling wines, which got so popular, that it created a worldwide boom of knockoff champagne. Up until today only wines grown and produced in the Champagne are allowed to call themselves champagne – everything else is just sparkling wine.

The classic brut champagne, like D.ROCK, is a blend of different grapes and soils, which is the foundation of its subtle balance and unique character. This is also the main distinctive feature between different champagne manufacturers. The quality depends highly on the quality of the brut, which is always a blend of different year’s grapes.